[ SketchUp ] Vray 3.40.02 for SketchUp 2017

Vray 3.40.02 for SketchUp 2017
Vray 3.40.02 for SketchUp 2017


  • OSX computers can now be used as Swarm nodes for distributed rendering
  • Added Render Interactive button to the V-Ray toolbar
  • Added a Denoiser Progressive Update Control. This option enables the Denoiser to do incremental updates while the Progressive Production engine is rendering
  • Implemented a better way of displaying and managing viewport aspect ratio and Safe Frames
  • Implemented a Randomize Scene Material IDs tool – Automatically assigns random material ID Colors to all the scene materials
  • The Online License Server installer can now be executed silently
  • Improved V-Ray 2 to V-Ray 3 automatic migration script
  • Spherical animation rendering is now supported
  • The eye distance for Stereoscopic rendering has been set to 6.5cm
  • The Motion Blur toggle has been moved to the Animation roll-out and can be accessed when using VR cameras
  • Applying materials to V-Ray Proxy object top component level is now possible
  • When a V-Ray Proxy object is imported in SketchUp its corresponding Multi-Material is automatically applied to it
  • VFB Lens Effects settings now remember their state and parameter values, when the scene is re-rendered
  • The Render History Settings window now appears in front of the VFB window
  • Improved memory management when switching between projects, without restarting SketchUp

Bug Fixes

  • Visible SketchUp Outliner is no longer slowing down the Initializing Renderer stage
  • The V-Ray installer works properly, even when SketchUp is not installed in the default location on OSX
  • SketchUp material colors now translates correctly, when a BRDFDiffuse layer is topmost in a material shader
  • The V-Ray material diffuse color is no longer incorrectly set to the SketchUp average texture color
  • The VR Cubemap combined with Stereo rendering no longer produces unexpected results
  • The field of view is now correctly set when rendering animations
  • The field of view is now correctly set when Two-Point Perspective is enabled
  • The field of view is now correctly set when Parallel Projection is enabled
  • Fixed bump map mode for Silk library materials. The mode was changed from Normal map (Object space) to Bump


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